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13 sai no Hello Work [RAW]

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Descrição do Produto

Título: 13 sai no Hello Work (13歳のハローワーク)
Episódios: 09 fim
Ano: 2012
Gênero: Comédia

Qualidade: Excelente!
Audio: Japonês
SEM Legendas!
Discos: 3 DVD´s
Pode ser assistido em qualquer DVD player.


Matsuoka Masahiro as Kogure Teppei
  *  Tanaka Taketo as 13-year-old Teppei
Yokoyama Yu as Takano Kiyofumi
  *  Furuta Arata as 49-year-old Takano Kiyofumi
Kiritani Mirei as Mano Shoko
Sawaki Ruka as Nishina Kana
Komatsu Kazushige as Sasaki Norio
Mitsuishi Ken as Sakai Toshiyuki
Fubuki Jun as Azuma Utako
Takito Kenichi as a Hello Work staff


If you could start your life again, what kind of adult would you like to be...? Kogure Teppei is a police officer who is working in the community safety section of a local police station. Teppei's dream was becoming a detective of an investigation division at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. Instead, soon after graduating from high school he becomes a police officer, and so he is faced with difficulties of finding the meaning of his current job. Thinking about his life, during his 35th birthday he suddenly time slips back to 1990, and finds his 13-year old self. He sees that young Teppei is not thinking about his future carefully, and decides to re-educate him so that he can have a wonderful life in the future. In order to make him go to a university to become a successful detective, he takes him to a tutoring school, and there he meets an English teacher Shoko, who believes that academic background is more important than anything.

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